Who we are


      Hi! At Seelis Software, we are a very small team and we are making games that we want to play. We have been gaming for more than 15 years. Yes, we would like to have at least part of the game development experience, what we have as gamers. So beware, newbies are on the way! Using our own taste on things and taking the best of what we have seen in other games, we are trying to create game experiences that we hope will be enjoyed by other gamers.  


How we got here

      As teens, we wanted to make video games and play them, which ones don't! But in the end, we choose professions, which are not even close to software or even IT, because this dream (about game development) looked too big at the moment.  But inside we still got the urge, so we decided to go on this road, no matter how uneven and challenging it will be. It will be our journey and experience, but we hope for others too, at least the result.